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1:115 P3A Orion Kit

Brand Atlantis
Part No AMCH163
Arriving TBA
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The Atlantis Model Company was founded in 2009 and manufacture injection-moulded plastic model kits of sci-fi and fantasy, cars, ships and the hugely popular line-up of U.F.O’s. Atlantis is looking to grow a new generation of modeller that can help expand and grow the hobby for generations to come.

Digging deep into the tooling comes the classic Monogram Dragster. This all plastic kit comes all molded in white, Does not have chrome parts or rubber tires- a real classic. All new artwork created by Gene Chambers. Comes with 2 decal options for the Fireball or the Californian.

Product Information
Barcode 850002740189
Brand Atlantis
Order By Now
Delivery Due TBA
Scale 1:115
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