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1:18 Bat Pod With Catwoman Kit

Brand Moebius Models
Part No MMK938
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Moebius Models was founded to bring back classic scifi and horror model kits to a fan base that has seemingly been forgoten by the major companies. From reissues to new subjects, new projects are always in the works! Always looking for new subjects, Moebius has something for you!

The Batpod is intended as a kind of "escape pod" integrated into the Tumbler, it also served an auxiliary vehicle. Armed with dual front-mounted cannons, machine guns and grappling hooks, the Batpod affords Batman greater mobility at the cost of some protection.


  • Highly detailed plastic model kit
  • Realistic soft PVC plastic tires
  • Super detailed precision-tooled chassis and engine
  • Movie-accurate Catwoman figure in high-quality resin
  • Illustrated instructions
Product Information
Barcode 0895137001033
Brand Moebius Models
Order By In Stock
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License DC Comics
Scale 1:18
Franchise Batman
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