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1:72 Walker Machine Xabungle Xabungle Heavy Armament Version Kit

Part No HA64809
Brand Hasegawa
Arriving Q1 2024
Order By 03/10/2023

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A heavily armed version with newly added weapon parts!

Optional weapons for the shoulders and arms are set with new mold parts. Xabungle heavily armed version kit.

No adhesive required for assembly. (*Adhesion is recommended for some parts.) With 10 parts colors:blue, dark blue, deep blue, orange yellow, red, white, gray, light gray, clear green, and clear, the settings can be easily painted even when unpainted . The result will be an image close to that of The 4 hand cannon is also designed to be attached to the right arm.

  • The Xabungle body is an upgraded version with adjustments made to the hip joints and forearms .
  • Stability has been improved during assembly and after completion.
  • The head and back cockpit windshield parts can be selected between clear green and clear (transparent).
  • The back wings can be selected between folded and normal state.
  • The package illustration was done by Dankuro Kato.

Additional plastic parts

  • Quadruple Hand Cannon
  • Triple Bazooka
  • 9 missile pods
Product Information
Barcode 4967834648098
Brand Hasegawa
Order By 03/10/2023
Delivery Due Q1 2024
Scale 1:72
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