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1:48 Area 51 UFO Kit

Part No POL982
Brand Polar Lights
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The model is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the UFO of a flying saucer and an unidentified flying object that attracts attention in Area 51.A 1:48 scale reproduction of the flying saucer stored in Area 51 from a reliable source by Bob Lazar, who was active in Area 51.

The finished diameter is about 30 cm. The exterior parts are divided into upper parts and lower parts, and the main deck and gravity amplifier are also represented inside.In addition, a crew figure that reproduces the alien is also set.


  • Plastic model assembly kit that reproduces UFO on 1:48 scale
  • The finished diameter is about 30 cm
  • The inside of the main deck etc. is also realistically reproduced
  • With alien figures
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Barcode 849398046791
Brand Polar Lights
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Scale 1:48
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