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Back to the Future Sports Grey Almanac Replica

Part No DCBTTF09
Brand Doctor Collector
Arriving Q1 2024
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Get your hands on the authentic, official Grays Sports Almanac before Tannen does!

It’s the first time in history that this Almanac has been published with real and official content! It is the perfect complement to complete your “Time Travel Memories” and contains an extensive compilation of sports results covering all kinds of disciplines from the second half of the 20th century (including slamball). In addition, it includes the holographic bag and the purchase ticket of "Blast from the Past" as a gift!

We know you're thinking of going back to the beginning of the season and betting on the Cubs, but we recommend that you simply keep this almanac as a collector's item.

Product Information
Barcode 8437017951803
Brand Doctor Collector
Order By Now
Delivery Due Q1 2024
Franchise Back to the Future
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