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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Premium Format Figure

Part No SS300805
Brand Sideshow
Arriving Q3 2023
Order By 03/02/2022

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The Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Premium Format Figure measures an impressive 31.5” tall and 22” wide as lightning strikes a Joker-faced gargoyle base, underscoring Batman’s return to vigilante crime fighting after giving up the mantle. This DC Comics statue captures the powerful silhouette and grim attitude of Gotham City’s greatest defender with explosive action and dynamic coloration.

The polyresin Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted and features detailed textures and paint applications that bring this famous design to life in three dimensions. Batman’s costume shows signs of weathering and distress, covered in slashes and blood splatters resulting from his brutal fighting style. His immense cape curls behind him as he descends to the city below, and his raised right hand has Batarang claws between his knuckles. Bruce Wayne’s aging face is hidden beneath his short-eared cowl, with a bloody nose and a determined scowl. Bright highlights of blue and white are reflected throughout key areas of this Batman statue to give the illusion of a blinding flash, adding depth and realism to the Dark Knight's triumphant reappearance.

  • Product Size: 31.50" H (800.1mm) x 22" W (558.8mm) x 21.50" L (546.1mm)
Product Information
Barcode 747720251793
Brand Sideshow
Order By 03/02/2022
Delivery Due Q3 2023
License DC Comics
Franchise Batman
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