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Hasegawa Trytool - Application Sheet x 3

Part No HTF24
Brand Hasegawa Trytool
Arriving Q3 2024
Order By 05/04/2024

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This is a semi-transparent, slightly viscous PVC sheet, and there are two main ways to use it.

How to use 1:

A sheet that allows you to easily apply the Finish Series. Once you have cut out the Finish Sheet into the desired shape and copied it onto this application sheet, you will be able to apply it neatly to the application location.

How to use 2:

Can be used as a masking sheet when painting. Since it is a curved surface following sheet, it can be applied to curved surfaces, resulting in neatly finished painted lines.

Product Information
Barcode 4967834718241
Brand Hasegawa Trytool
Order By 05/04/2024
Delivery Due Q3 2024
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