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Hasegawa Trytool - Double-sided Adhesive Sheet Ultra-transparent 50 Microns

Part No HTF25
Brand Hasegawa Trytool
Arriving Q3 2024
Order By 05/04/2024

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This is a double-sided adhesive sheet made by sandwiching ultra-thin glue suitable for model making with mount paper and PET film.

The glue ingredients are the same as the Finish series, and it will solidify in about 24 hours after being removed from the mount. Effective for adhering clear parts, plated parts, etchings, wooden decks, etc.

As an application, you can also combine it with a mirror finish (sold separately) to create an ultra-thin double-sided mirror finish!

Product Information
Barcode 4967834718258
Brand Hasegawa Trytool
Order By 05/04/2024
Delivery Due Q3 2024
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