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Pulp Vixens: Deep Down Premium Format

Part No SS300841
Brand Sideshow
Arriving Q4 2024
Order By 14/03/2024

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Submerge yourself in the world of femme fatales and sinister syndicates with Pulp Vixens by Sideshow. Episode 2: Deep Down sends a graceful spy with a complex past sinking into a briny lair of scientific secrets.

Agent Hawana Kalili takes the plunge in the Pulp Vixens: Deep Down Premium Format Figure, diving into the waters off the coast of Borneo in search of a stolen submarine belonging to an organization known as Kamera XII. But this is no day at the beach! As she comes face to face with unfathomable horrors beneath the waves, she’ll discover a family history murkier than the deepest ocean. This detailed collectible statue shows the diver tangled in the tentacled clutches of a giant squid emerging from the hidden vessel. Her personal diving gear protects her from the mounting ocean pressure but can Agent Hawana survive the big leagues, or will she be sleeping with the fishes?

The Pulp Vixens: Deep Down Premium Format Figure measures 26” tall x 11.15” wide x 13.2” deep and is fully sculpted to capture all of the maritime action of this dangerous deep-sea assignment. Codenamed Dancer, Hawana herself is as graceful and lethal as they come, cutting through the ocean’s depths with ease. The polystone statue features illumination effects, including ambient purple interior lights for the open experiment chamber and flickering red warning lights on the outside of the submarine. Even in the depths of the ocean, these light-up features bring added vibrancy and urgency to the environment. Dynamic paint application and the flow of Hawana’s hair and equipment create the effect of a weightless underwater scene that will have you holding your breath! 

Are you ready to take the plunge with Pulp Vixens? Reel in your next mission and add the Pulp Vixens: Deep Down Premium Format Figure to your collection today.

Product Information
Barcode 747720263673
Brand Sideshow
Order By 14/03/2024
Delivery Due Q4 2024
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