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Pulp Vixens: Mr. Sin Premium Format

Part No SS300842
Brand Sideshow
Arriving Q3 2024
Order By 15/02/2024

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Enter a world of espionage and excitement with Pulp Vixens by Sideshow. Episode 1: “Mr. Sin” pits a stunning starlet-turned-spy against a casino tycoon with a sinister secret.

All eyes are on actress Ursula Strand in the Pulp Vixens: Mr. Sin Premium Format Figure, as she delves into the hidden laboratory of the wealthy Walter Chi-Jun Sin. What she uncovers there will shock and disturb the senses! This detailed collectible statue captures the very moment Ursula's investigation is cut short by the arrival of Mr. Sin himself. Dressed in antique silks, the blonde bombshell crouches over one of Sin’s occult books, searching the lab for evidence connecting him to a string of grisly murders. Her guard is up and her gun is raised as the sound of footsteps echoes in the distance. Could this be curtains for Ursula?

The Pulp Vixens: Mr. Sin Premium Format Figure measures 24 inches tall x 13.15 wide x 16 deep and is fully sculpted to capture every intricate detail of the pulse-pounding mission. Ursula herself strikes a perfectly stealthy pose, while her costume features metallic accents and accessories all reflecting the peculiar opulence of the tycoon’s private island. The polystone statue’s illuminated lithophane backdrop adds a sense of depth and danger, showing the titular villain’s terrifying silhouette looming over the scene. An additional light-up feature in the base reveals a rotting specimen from one of Mr. Sin’s dastardly experiments. But exactly what madness is brewing in this mastermind’s dungeon lab? The Pulp Vixens are here to ensure the world never finds out!

What is Pulp Vixens?:

Pulp Vixens reveals a hidden world of kitten-heeled killers battling a sinister shadow organization hell-bent on controlling the world. This globetrotting series of collectibles captures the thrill of high-stakes, highly classified action in stunning statue form. Are you ready to go on a secret mission with the Pulp Vixens?

Pulp Vixens Episode 1: "Mr. Sin":

"Madman ... Monster ... Mastermind ... MR. SIN!"

Ursula Strand lands a starring role in Pulp Vixens Episode 1: “Mr. Sin.” And who is her target audience for this deadly performance? None other than Walter Chi-Jun Sin, casino tycoon and collector of unusual … delicacies. The stage is set when Ursula lands herself an invitation to the man’s private island where the scene-stealing spy uncovers a hidden lab, a string of grisly murders, and a plot twist that has her tied in knots. Can Ursula Strand act innocent while Mr. Sin is closing in? It's the role of a lifetime for our heroine — IF she lives to see the reviews!

Product Information
Barcode 747720263666
Brand Sideshow
Order By 15/02/2024
Delivery Due Q3 2024
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