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Red Sonja: A Savage Sword Premium Format

Part No SS300813
Brand Sideshow
Arriving Q4 2024
Order By 31/10/2023

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 The Red Sonja: A Savage Sword Premium Format Figure shows the Hyrkanian heroine in the middle of a gory frenzy. As she leaps to slash at more unseen foes, the trail of blood behind her reveals the spirits of past victims screaming in agony. Her sword and body are splattered with carnage, but Red Sonja’s eyes only see a rage-filled path to victory.

The Red Sonja: A Savage Sword Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted and measures 22.7” tall x 15.14” wide x 14” deep. This action-packed display is inspired by the heroine’s comic book appearances throughout the years, complete with her iconic chainmail bikini and rugged furs. Her costume is textured to recreate the look of materials like leather, cloth bandage, metal armor, and more. Red Sonja’s fiery red hair flows behind her on a gorgeous and bloodthirsty portrait as she shouts a savage battle cry. Balanced over her sanguine statue base, the warrior woman is practically leaping off the page and into your collection — just be thankful her blade doesn’t thirst for you.

  • Product Size: 22.7" H (576.58mm) x 15.14" W (384.56mm) x 14" L (355.6mm)
Product Information
Barcode 747720252080
Brand Sideshow
Order By 31/10/2023
Delivery Due Q4 2024
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